Unknown Artist / Regin Smiður

Regin Smiður (Regin the Smith) is a Faroese ballad (kvæði), accompanied with traditional Faroese chain dance.

Regin Smiður is a person from the epic poem Niebelungen Lied. “Smiður” means black smith. Sjúrður (Sigurd in English) wants him to make him a very strong sword, so he can kill the dragon (ormur in Faroese). Regin wants the dragon’s heart in return. The dragon is called Fávnir (Fafnir). There are four Faroese ballads which together are called Sjúrðar kvæðini (Sigurd’s ballads), Regin Smiður is one of them, the other two are Brynhildar Táttur and Høgna Táttur 1 and 2.

The Faroese dance (føroyskur dansur) is the national chain dance of the Faroe Islands, accompanied by kvæði, the Faroese ballads. The dance is a mediaeval ring dance, which only survived in the Faroe Islands, while in other European countries it was banned by the church, due to its pagan origin. The dance is danced traditionally in a circle, but when a lot of people take part in the dance they usually let it swing around in various wobbles within the circle.

There are two recordings of the song in this audio, version one from Suður Island (recorded 1959) and version two from Nols Island (recorded 1977-78). It is taken from LP Kvad-dans Från Färöarna, released by Caprice Records in 1978.

Artist / Unknown Artist
Track / Regin Smidur
Album / Kvad-dans Från Färöarna
Label / Caprice Records
Format / LP
Released / 1978
Genre / Folk
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Unknown Artist
Origin / Faroe Islands
Genre / Folk
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