Unknown Artist / Recit De Voyage Chante

Recit De Voyage Chante is taken from compilation called Anthologie de la musique du Tchad, Box Set of 3 LPs released by Ocora in 1968. Sound recordings made by Charles Duvelle and Michel Vuylstèke, in a co-production between Ocora and the Chad National Broadcaster. Recit De Voyage Chante represents music of Masa ethnic group.

As its name indicates this anthology of the music of Chad is a selection of different types of music; it is only an approach, a glimpse of the music of some regios of Chad.  It is presented in three parts: the music of the Sara group (OCR 36), that of the Massa, Moundang and Toupouri populations of western Mayo-Kebbi (OCR 37) anf finally that of theprofessional musicians of the Barma, the Dekakire and Salamat Arabs, the Kanembou and the Mouloui (PCR 38).

The recordings were made during a musicological mission undertaken in April-May 1966.

Artist / Unknown Artist
Track / Recit De Voyage Chante
Album / Anthologie de la musique du Tchad
Label / Ocora
Format / LP, Compilation
Released / 1968
Genre / Folk

Unknown Artist
Origin / Chad
Genre / Folk
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