The Beatmen / Let’s Make A Summer

The Beatmen were a Slovak rock band from Bratislava, that existed from 1964 to 1966. Although they released only 4 songs, they remain one of the most significant bands in the history of the Czechoslovak popular music. They were one of the first widely popular Big Beat bands in Czechoslovakia and they were one of the first bands from behind the iron curtain to play in the western Europe, in Munich. The band was the first bigger success for the singer and guitarist De┼żo Ursiny, who later became a legend of the Czechoslovak music.

Music and sound of the Beatmen is mightily influenced especially by The Beatles. Their song Let’s Make A Summer has been highly critically acclaimed and remains one of the best Czechoslovak pop songs ever written.

Artist / The Beatmen
Track / Let's Make A Summer
Album / Break It / Let's Make A Summer
Label / Supraphon
Format / 7", Single
Released / 1965
Genre / Rock
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The Beatmen
Origin / Czechoslovakia, Slovakia
Genre / Rock
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