Tanjaret Daghet / Ta7t El Daghet

Tanjaret Daghet is derived from the Arabic term for a pressure pot, which in essence, expresses the sentiment on a social level which the youth of the world are facing at this very moment.

Tanjaret Daghet are rock band from Syria, currently based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The band was formed in 2008 in Damascus. In their early beginnings, Tanjaret Daghet consisted of four members. Dani Shukri (Drums), Tarek Ziad Khuluki (Electric Guitar and Vocals), Narik Abajian (keyboard) and Khaled Omran, the band’s lead vocals and bassist, who participated in multiple cultural projects in Syria, as a performer, composer and music distributor.

The band started off by composing music that is closer to “fusion jazz” and “Improvisation”. Currently, the band fuses different music genres, from punk rock to electronic and Arab music.

In 2011, the whole band moved to Beirut to avoid military service, except for their keyboardist (Abajian). In Lebanon, they signed a record deal with “Rhythm Media Production” corporation, that will accompany them through their concerts in Beirut and the Arab world.

In 2013, the band’s first debut album titled “180 degrees” was released. The album addresses humanitarian an social issues in time of revolution and war, and represents the absent, marginalized voice of young Syrian people, who yearn for peace and love.

The band held numerous performances, including the “Jazz Festival” in the citadel of Damascus in 2010, an international participation in the “Francophone Song Festival” in 2013, and concerts in Beirut, Cairo and Alexandria. Additionally, the band performed in several charity concerts to raise funds for Syrian refugees, women refugees and children diagnosed with cancer.

Ta7t El Daghet (Under Pressure) is a single taken off their debut album 180 Degrees. To present this song and it’s video, band writes: “The bloodshed throughout the Arab World continues. The plan to rob our resources, change our identity, and force us to accept a bitter reality, is coming to fruition. Ta7t El Daghet (Under Pressure) is our perpetual state of being. We hope for better days.”

Lyrics excerpts:

Inside the house, I’m under pressure / Outside the house, the perfect number
My mind is gone / my body is tied / my voice is lost / my tongue is bitten
I’m young and I don’t deserve you / to kill me with bombs
It is forbidden for me to play? Why should I be a fighter?
Under mental pressure…
Under social pressure…
Under sexual pressure…
Under political pressure…
Under economic pressure…
Under security pressure…
Under pressure! Under pressure!

Artist / Tanjaret Daghet (طنجرة ضغط)
Track / Ta7t El Daghet
Album / 180 degrees
Format / CD, Album
Released / 2013
Genre / Rock
Links / Soundcloud

Tanjaret Daghet (طنجرة ضغط)
Origin / Syria
Genre / Rock
Links / Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo