Pat Henry y Los Diablos Azules / Jugando En La Playa

Pat Henry (real name Patricio Nunez Dompierre) was a popular Chilean singer active during the 60s and 70s.

In 1961 Pat Henry released his first hit “Poesía en movimiento” (“Poetry in motion”). About a year later, his career was consolidated with the official formation of a group to accompany him: Los Diablos Azules, formed in 1963 by guitarists Rigo Ragona and Hugo Matus, and drummer Lucho Ortiz (later, member of Los Angeles Negros).

It was in 1965 that Pat Henry recorded his first LP with Los Diablos Azules, a self-titled album, mix of original songs and covers. In 1966 they released the single “Te quiero / Jugando en la playa”, perhaps the most famous instrumental Chilean single. Other featured 45-inch discs in his career were “Era un muchacho como yo que quería ser Beatle o Rolling Stone” (1967), “El sonido del silencio” (1969) and Yo fui asistente del Kayser” (1967); later collected in the LP Pat Henry Y Sus Diablos Azules (1969).

The following year, Pat Henry started singing with Los Carr Twins (the duo of brothers Carrasco). With them he went to Peru and started a long tour of Central and South America that ended in Mexico in 1969. There continued appearing as a group until late ‘70s.

Artist / Pat Henry Y Los Diablos Azules
Track / Jugando En La Playa
Album / Te quiero / Jugando en la playa
Label / EMI Odeon
Format / 7", Single
Released / 1966
Genre / Surf Rock

Pat Henry Y Los Diablos Azules
Origin / Chile
Genre / Rock
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