Orchestra Baobab / N’Diaye

Orchestra Baobab is a Senegalese Afro-Cuban, Son, Wolof and Pachanga band. Founded in 1970, as a multi-ethnic, multi-national club band, Orchestre Baobab adapted the then current craze for Cuban Music (growing out of the Congolese Soukous style) in West Africa to Wolof Griot culture and the Mandinga musical traditions of the Casamance. One of the dominant African bands of the 1970s, they were overshadowed in the 1980s and broke up, only to reform in 2001 after interest in their recordings grew in Europe.

They recorded 20 vinyl albums between 1970 and 1985. In 1982, they released possibly their most famous album, Pirates Choice to much critical acclaim.

Artist / Orchestra Baobab
Track / N'Diaye
Album / N'Wolof
Label / Dakar Sound
Format / CD, Album
Released / 1971
Genre / Afro-Cuban
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Orchestra Baobab
Origin / Senegal
Genre / Afro-Cuban
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