Ocaso Épico / Intro

Ocaso Épico was a project that incorporated synthpop, electronica, industrial music, minimalism and Portuguese folk music in a hallucinated, sarcastic style. Their lyrics are often absurd showing a reminiscence of Dadaism. Although they won an important music contest and were appreciated by the public and the musical press their discography is scarce and belated.

Ocaso Épico were formed in 1981 by Carlos Cordeiro aka Farinha Master (voice, guitar, flute, keys), Alberto Garcia (drums), Anabela Duarte (voice, performance and keys), Ricardo Camacho (percussion) and Rui Magalhães (bass).

The first released track is “Intro”, recorded on 19 October of 1984, which is included in the compilation “Ao Vivo No Rock Rendez Vous Em 1984” (a selection of live recordings made in 1984 at “Rock Rendez Vou”, Lisboa). The radio program “Som da Frente” by António Sérgio, considers them as the best live band in 1984 together with the GNR.

They were invited by Mario Guide (Dansa Sound, Rendez-Vous Rock) to record an album. Recordings took place over several months and in 1988 they published an album - “Muito Obrigado”.

Ocaso Épico released demo tape “Desperdícios” in 1989 and appeared on compilations Insurrectos (1990), Feedback (1990) and Corrosão Cerebral (1992).

Artist / Ocaso Épico
Track / Intro
Album / Ao Vivo No Rock Rendez Vous Em 1984
Label / Dansa Do Som
Format / LP, Compilation
Released / 1984
Genre / Experimental
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Ocaso Épico
Origin / Portugal
Genre / Experimental, Electronic
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