Nabil Shuail / Side 2

Nabil Shuail is a Kuwaitian, khaliji music, singer.

He was born in 1961. At only 20 years old, Nabil Shuail became known by the Arab public with his song, “Sikate Safar,” collaboration with composer Rachid Alkhadar and poet Abdellatif Albanay; an eponym album followed opening the path to success. Nicknamed the nightingale of the Gulf, for the imprint of his unique voice, which can go amazingly high, Nabil Shuail has imposed himself throughout the years, with his albums (26 in total), as one of the greatest interprets of khaliji song. The artist is at the origin of great achievements such as “Marrw’k,” “Msk Al-Khtam,” “Jany,” “Ana Nater,” “Leih Ya gharam,” Kyf Al Hal,” “Nawy Al-Fraq,” and “Yaqlb,” that he interprets at his concerts in the Middle East, but also in Africa and Europe. The soprano performed on many scenes of various popular festivals such as Hala Febrayer in Kuwait, Jarch in Jordan and Carthage in Tunisia.

Artist / Nabil Shuail (نبيل شعيل)
Track / Side 2
Format / Cassette, Album
Genre / Khaliji

Nabil Shuail (نبيل شعيل)
Also known as / Nabīl Sulaymān Dawōd Shuʾayl, نبيل سليمان داوود شعيل
Origin / Kuwait
Genre / Khaliji
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