Muharem Serbezovski / Džingo, Džingo, mango Džingo

Muharem Serbezovski is a Macedonian folk singer and writer of Roma origin. He was born in Šuto Orizari (municipality in Skopje), a largest gypsy municipality in Balkans. Muharem has written more than 400 songs and published about 50 albums. He has written seven books and also translated the Quran, the Old and New Testament, War and Peace, Crime and Punishment and One Hundred Years of Solitude into Romani language. He was also a member of parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Džingo, Džingo, mango Džingo was written by Muharem himself, played by ensemble “Crni Dijamanti” and published by PGP-RTB as a 7” single in 1977.

Artist / Muharem Serbezovski
Track / Džingo, Džingo, mango Džingo
Album / Zašto Su Ti Kose Pobelele Druže
Label / PGP RTB
Format / 7"
Released / 1977
Genre / Folk, Romani
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Muharem Serbezovski
Origin / Yugoslavia, Macedonia
Genre / Folk, Romani
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