Mohammed Abdu / Morning Breeze

Mohammed Abdu Othman Al A’aseere (born 1949), more commonly known as Mohammed Abdu or Mohamed Abdo (he’s also known as Mohammed Abdou, Mohammad Abdu and several other (misspelled) aliases), is an Arabic language singer and composer from Saudi Arabia.

He was born in 1949 in Abha the capital of Aseer province. His father passed away when he was just three years old and he has lived most of his childhood in an orphan’s center. He was able to enter an Institute specializing in industrial and shipbuilding in a bid to achieve his dream of becoming a sailor just like his father, but he also was fond of art and singing.

The artist began his music career in the beginning of the sixties. He entered the world of singing at an early age, only a student at the Institute of industrial Jeddah which he graduated from in 1963. From then he was taken on a mission to Italy for the shipbuilding industry. The flight changed from Rome to Beirut, from building ships to a music career. This was all done through Abbas Faiq Ghazzawi who discovered Mohammed Abdu when he sang in radio show (Baba Abbas) in 1960.

Abdou’s music was based on the older generation’s ageless talents and songs of maybe a thousand years of heritage, but nevertheless, he was credited to at least preserving these songs called mawrouth (the inherited songs) without much change in their buildup or musical arrangements. His Chaabyat albums that he released through his label Voice of Al-Jazeerah in the 1990s were his attempt at documenting that old tradition.

He has been described as “The Artist of Arabs” and an “esteemed Saudi singer.”

Artist / Mohammed Abdu (محمد عبده)
Track / Morning Breeze (يا نسيم الصباح)
Album / Raja Phone 4 (البوم رجافون - رقم4)
Genre / Folk

Mohammed Abdu (محمد عبده)
Also known as / Mohammed Abdu Othman Al-Aseeri, محمد عبده عثمان العسيري
Origin / Saudi Arabia
Genre / Folk
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