Luke Vibert & BJ Cole / Swing Lite - Alright

Swing Lite - Alright from Stop the Panic, collaboration album by producer Luke Vibert and pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole, originally released in the UK in 2000 by Cooking Vinyl and Law & Auder Records.

Artist / Luke Vibert, BJ Cole
Track / Swing Lite - Alright
Album / Stop The Panic
Label / Cooking Vinyl
Format / LP, CD, Album
Released / 2000
Genre / Trip Hop
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Luke Vibert
Also known as / Plug, Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, The Ace Of Clubs, Amen Andrews, Spac Hand Luke, Butler Kiev
Origin / UK
Genre / Trip Hop, Electronic, Techno
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BJ Cole
Origin / UK
Genre / Jazz
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