Los Mirlos / Sonido Amazonico

Los Mirlos is cumbia group from Peru.

In 1973, Jorge Rodriguez Granda and his brothers and cousin, originally northeastern jungle town of Moyobamba, migrated to Lima where they decided to form a musical group that sought to spread the music and customs of his native region. They named it Los Mirlos (The Blackbirds) after the black colored bird typical of the Peruvian Amazon, learning to imitate sounds and even the human voice.

During their more then 40 years long career, they published around 30 LPs and CDs and made several international tours in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, USA, etc. Currently, Los Mirlos continue to play at national level while their classic songs has been reissued on several cumbia compilations.

“Sonido Amazonico” is taken from their 1975 single “Sonido Amazonico / La Danza Del Petrolero”. This instrumental has been also released on their album “Los Charapas De Oro” (1975) and on several compilations. In 2011 Infopesa label produced a video and published remastered version of the song:

Artist / Los Mirlos
Track / Sonido Amazonico
Album / Sonido Amazonico / La Danza Del Petrolero
Label / INS
Format / 7", Single
Released / 1975
Genre / Cumbia
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Los Mirlos
Origin / Peru
Genre / Cumbia
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