Los Destellos / Pasión Oriental

Los Destellos started in Lima during 1966, they brought psychedelic guitars to Cumbia and consolidated its characteristic features by integrating in it elements of Peruvian Andes folklore, Afro-Peruvian tunes and Rock, becoming the pioneers of musical genre called Cumbia Peruana and Enrique Delgado Montes, regarded as the genre’s godfather. Los Destellos gained both national and international recognition, they recorded more then 70 releases and their music was used as the soundtrack for the films “The “La teta asustada” (Milk of Sorrow) and “Los amantes pasajeros” (I’m So Excited!).

After the release of their debut single,“El Gatito” in ’66, Delgado continued to push the band in a more experimental direction which reached its pinnacle with 1971’s album Constelaciòn. Today Constelacion is among the most collectible South American LPs known and it was reissued in US by Secret Stash Records in 2011.

Artist / Los Destellos
Track / Pasión Oriental
Album / Constelación
Label / Odeon
Format / LP, Album
Released / 1971
Genre / Cumbia
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Los Destellos
Origin / Peru
Genre / Cumbia
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