Kleenex / Nice

“Kleenex” were one of the most influential all-female acts in punk rock history, active from 1978 to 1983. Originally called “Kleenex”, they had to change their name to LiLiPUT in order to avoid legal trouble with the tissue manufacturers. After a few records and various personnel and musical changes they split in the early 80’s. They later became the subject of countless reissues and re-releases.

The song “Nice” was published 1978 on their first EP. The band got a record contract with Rough Trade UK and the EP reached the UK-Charts.

Artist / Kleenex
Track / Nice
Album / Untitled
Label / Sunrise
Format / 7", EP
Released / 1978
Genre / Punk, New Wave
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Also known as / Liliput
Origin / Switzerland
Genre / Punk, New Wave
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