Iveriya / Na Toku

Iveriya was a Georgian vocal and instrumental music ensemble from Tbilisi, founded in 1968.

It became very popular over the whole Soviet Union in 70’s. It’s art director was Alexander Basilaia. They were singing both Georgian folk and contemporary songs, wrote and performed Argo and Jays Wedding musicals, released 6 vinyl albums on Melodiya label.

Na Toku is taken off their self-titled album, released by Melodiya in 1978.

Artist / Iveriya (ივერია)
Track / Na Toku (На Току)
Album / Iveriya (Иверия)
Label / Melodiya (Мелодия)
Format / LP, Album
Released / 1978
Genre / Funk
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Iveriya (ივერია)
Also known as / VIA Iveriya, Iveria, VIA Iveria, Иверия, ВИА Иверия
Origin / USSR, Georgia
Genre / Pop, Folk, Rock
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