Ismet Peja / Martesa E Lumtur

Ismet Peja is a Kosovar-Albanian singer and interpreter of Albanian songs.

Ismet Peja was born in 1937 in Gjakova, Kosovo, Yugoslavia. His father, Musa Peja, was a member of the musical group, headed by master sharkise Ymer Riza. His career in music started since childhood, but he came out during the years 1954-1955, when he fell in the eyes of the people of the Radio Pristina. He was a member of orchestra “Hajdar Dushi”, which had numerous presentations in TVP and Radio Pristina. Their first album came out in 1986.

To date he has made hundreds of songs and a large number of music albums. In 2005, Ismet Peja issued an album with his son, singer Visar Peja.

Martesa E Lumtun, written by Gazmend Zajmi, is taken from the EP Šiptarske Narodne Pesme, released by PGP RTB in 1965.

Artist / Ismet Peja
Track / Martesa E Lumtur
Album / Šiptarske Narodne Pesme
Label / PGP RTB
Format / 7", EP
Released / 1965
Genre / Folk
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Ismet Peja
Origin / Kosovo
Genre / Folk
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