Ghulam Jilani / Robab Mehfil

Ghulam Jailani was a rubab player from Kabul, Afghanistan in the 1970s. He was one of the five musician sons of Ustad Nabi Gol.

Jailani adopted a rather more Hindustani-like approach to the rubab, with greater use of the unfretted range, more dynamic variety, less repetition of the fixed composition, and more elaborate improvisations in comparison with other players, often using fast down-up stroke patterns. Unlike most other players he made little use of parandkari techniques, though he does frequently strum across all the sympathetic strings. He was sometimes criticised for playing the rubab too much like the Indian sarod, even though he did not use much in the way of sarod-like glissandi.

Jailani’s innovative approach probably influenced the virtuoso styles of a younger generation of rubab players from the Kharabat, such as Homayun Sakhi and Khial Mohammed Saqizada.

Artist / Ghulam Jailani (استاد جیلانی)
Album / Robab Mehfil (رباب محفل)
Format / Cassette
Genre / Classical

Ghulam Jailani (استاد جیلانی)
Also known as / Ostad Jailani
Origin / Afghanistan
Genre / Classical
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