Essa Kassimi / L’Art du Rabab d’Afghanistan

Rubab Hussain, robab Hussain or rabab Hussain is a lute-like musical instrument originating from central Afghanistan. It derives its name from the Arab rebab which means “played with a bow” but in Central Asia the instrument is plucked and is distinctly different in construction. The rubab is mainly used by Pashtun, Tajik, Kashmiri, Baluch and Iranian Kurdish classical musicians. Rabab is a national music instrument of Afghanistan.

The rubab is known as “the lion of instruments” and is one of the two national instruments of Afghanistan (with the zerbaghali). Classical Afghan music often features this instrument as a key component. Elsewhere it is known as the Kabuli rebab. It is the ancestor of the South Asian sarod, though — unlike the sarod — it is a fretted instrument.

L’Art du Rabab d’Afghanistan CD was released in 1998 (Arion). It features Rag Bairavi and Rag Airi Bairo.

Artist / Essa Kassimi
Album / L'Art du Rabab d'Afghanistan
Label / Arion
Format / CD, Album
Released / 1998
Genre / Classical
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Essa Kassimi
Origin / Afghanistan
Genre / Classical
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