Erkin Koray / Cemalim

Erkin Koray is a Turkish singer-songwriter, guitarist and one of the pioneers of Anatolian rock. He is widely acclaimed to be one of Turkey’s very first electric guitarists, recording what is generally recognized as being the first significant rock’n’roll record ever released in Turkey - his first single, “Bir Eylül Akgami” (“A September Evening”)/“It’s So Long” in 1962. Known for integration of Turkish folk sounds with rock and psychedelia, Koray is also the inventor of the electric bağlama, a traditional Turkish musical instrument related to the lute, and its unique sound can be heard on many of his albums. Koray continues to record and perform in Turkey to this day, and in Turkish music circles is often referred to as Erkin Baba (“Erkin the Father”) for his pioneering influence on Turkish popular music.

“Elektronik Türküler” is his second album, originally released by Doğan Plakcılık in 1974. Stylistically, it combines psychedelic and progressive rock influences with traditional Turkish elements. This album is one of the most internationally acknowledged examples of Anatolian rock. It was reissued on CD and LP by several labels outside of Turkey.

“Cemalim” is a traditional Turkish folk song, originally recorded by Ürgüplü Refik Başaran in 1930 and covered by Koray on this album. The song, which translates to “My Cemal,” is about a martyr named Cemal (a common Turkish name).

Artist / Erkin Koray
Track / Cemalim
Album / Elektronik Türküler
Label / Doğan
Format / LP, CD, Album
Released / 1974
Genre / Psychedelic Rock
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Erkin Koray
Origin / Turkey
Genre / Psychedelic Rock, Folk
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