EAST / Árverés (Auction)

EAST is popular Hungarian prog rock band.

They were formed in 1975. In 1981, they released their well-received debut album “Játékok.” However, it is the sophomore effort, 1982’s “Hüség” (Faith), that seems to capture more hearts. The first two albums were more symphonic inspired, but they felt the need (or perhaps pressure) to pursue a more mainstream approach. This led to replacing lead singer Miklós Zareczky, with József Tisza on “Rések a Falon” (Cracks in the Wall). While the third album is not the darling of prog fans, it was a great commercial success.

The next outing, 1984’s “Az Áldozat (Szodoma)” (The Victim (Sodom)) saw them dumping vocals altogether. It is completely instrumental, and has been described as a rock ballet. This could also be considered the last true EAST studio album. There was a four-year gap until “A Szerelem Sivataga” (The Desert of Love) came to be, and everyone except Péter Móczán had left the ranks.

Artist / EAST
Track / Árverés (Auction)
Album / Az Áldozat (Sodoma)
Label / Krém
Format / LP, CD, Album
Released / 1984
Genre / Electronic
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Also known as / EAST együttes
Origin / Hungary
Genre / Progressive Rock
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