Coldcut & Hexstatic / Natural Rhythms Trilogy

Natural Rhythms Trilogy (Frog Jam, Natural Rhythm and Timber) is a collaborative effort between Stuart Warren-Hill (Hexstatic), Coldcut and Greenpeace. It is Stuart Warren-Hill’s first experiment in video sampling.

In 1997, Stuart Warren Hill had begun working on the Natural Rhythms Trilogy. He approached Greenpeace asking for use of their stock footage of wildlife and logging operations and in return Greenpeace could use the finished project in their campaigns and presentations. The first video was 1997’s Frog Jam, which created a rhythmic structure out of short clips of water dripping, frog leaping and tribal drumming and chanting. This was soon followed by Natural Rhythm and Timber. Natural Rhythm featured insects, birds and other wildlife as well as a tribesman playing a flute like instrument. Each video employed increasingly more complex mixing and splicing techniques culminating with the award winning Timber. Timber won the MCM Atlas [French national TV] Award for Best Video Editing (1998).

Frog Jam, Natural Rhythm and Timber videos appeared on CD-ROM version of Coldcut’s 1997 release Let Us Play!

Timber video, which created an AV collage piece using analogous techniques to audio sample collage, was put on heavy rotation on MTV. Stuart Warren Hill of Hexstatic referred to this technique as: “What you see is what you hear.” ‘Timber’ won awards for its innovative use of repetitive video clips synced to the music, including being shortlisted at the Edinburgh Television and Film Festival in their top five music videos of the year in 1998.

Artist / Hexstatic, Coldcut
Album / Let Us Play!
Label / Ninja Tune
Format / CD, Album
Released / 1997
Genre / Electronic, Experimental, Breaks
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Origin / UK
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