Cacique / Cacique

Cacique are Peruvian rock band formed probably in the capital Lima in 1971.

Little is known about the band, they only released this one single “Cacique / Playin’ Tocando” in 1973 and others two songs (one “live” version of Playin’) in a compilation of time, produced by Geraldo Manuel. In the A-side, “Cacique” is the highlight, all instrumental and with vibrant and strong psychedelic and garage influences inserted in local rhythms like Cumbia, where we hear acidic guitar, electric organ and percussion.

Artist / Cacique
Track / Cacique
Album / Cacique / Playin' Tocando
Label / Virrey
Format / 7", Single
Released / 1973
Genre / Rock, Funk
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Origin / Peru
Genre / Rock, Funk
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