Boki Milošević / Mekam Čoček

Božidar “Boki” Milošević is Serbian and Yugoslavian clarinetist, performer and composer of folk music.

He was born in Prokuplje, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, now Serbia in 1931. He completed studies of classical music at the Academy of Music in Belgrade. Nevertheless, he mostly plays folk music.

Boki Milošević is a member of the Association of Musical Artists of Serbia, he was the second clarinetist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and was a member of The Folk Orchestra of the Belgrade Radio and Television Service for 30 years.

Since 1950s, he toured around the world. He played in Israel, England, Austria, Germany, USA, Colombia, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, toured around USSR in 1971, during which he composed his first composition Vlaška oluja.

Boki Milošević released many LPs and CDs, most of them for PGP RTB records. He played in numerous RTB TV shows and was a guest musician in various European TV shows as well as NBC, New York.

His son, Milan Milošević, is also a clarinetist working in Vancouver, Canada.

Artist / Boki Milošević (Боки Милошевић)
Track / Mekam Čoček
Album / Mostovi Beograda
Label / Grand Production
Format / CD, Album
Released / 1999
Genre / Folk
Find it at / iTunes, Amazon

Boki Milošević (Боки Милошевић)
Also known as / Božidar Milošević
Origin / Serbia
Genre / Folk
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