Bioconstructor / Bioconstructor

“Bioconstructor” (Биоконструктор) was founded in 1986 by former members of the Moscow groups “Molodost” (Молодость) and “Otvetnyy chay” (Ответный чай) - Alexander Yakovlev (Александр Яковлев) and Andrei Kohaev (Андрей Кохаев). By the end of the year they were joined by two keyboards - Leonid Velichkovsky (Леонид Величковский) and Valery Vasko (Валерий Васько). In 1987 at home studio they recorded their first album “Tantsy Po Video” (Танцы По Видео) (distributed on tape reels). Following years: 88, 89, 90 were filled with performances in different cities of the Union and studio work. The group split up in 1990 for two bands: “Bio” (Био) lead by Yakovlev and “Tekhnologiya” (Технология) - L.Velichkovski, A.Kohaev and R.Ryabtsev (who joined Biokonstruktor shortly before the collapse).

Artist / Bioconstructor (Биоконструктор)
Track / Bioconstructor (Биоконструктор)
Album / Tantsy Po Video (Танцы По Видео)
Label / Not On Label (Bioconstructor Self-released)
Format / CD, Cassette, Reel, Album
Released / 1987
Genre / Synth Pop
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Bioconstructor (Биоконструктор)
Origin / USSR, Russia
Genre / Synth Pop
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