Baligh Hamdi / Warda

Baligh Hamdi (1932 – 1993) was an Egyptian composer who created hit songs for many prominent Arabic singers, especially during the 1960s and 1970s.

Born Baligh Abdel Hamid Hamdi Morsi on October 7, 1932 Shubra district of Cairo. His father was a professor of physics at King Fuad I University (now Cairo University). He learned to play the violin at age nine, and the oud two or three years later. He took music lessons with a variety of teachers throughout childhood and teenage years. He became a professional musician in 1954 at age 22. Immediately prior to that, he had been a law student, and he chose to not complete the studies for the law degree.

He started his musician career as singer. But very soon he turned to composing, and his compositions got good acceptance in the mid-1950s. In the late 1950s, the then-famous Oum Kalthoum sang his composition El Hob Eih and it was a hit. Some other of Baligh Hamdi’s early compositional successes include “Why no”, sung by Faydah Kamel, the song “Ma Thbinish Be Al Shakl Dah (Don’t love me like that)” by Fayza Ahmed and the song “Tkhounoh ([How do you] Betray [my heart])” by Abdel Halim Hafez. For the next two decades he was one of the most popular, successful, and productive composers in the Arab world.

Baligh Hamdi contributed in one way or another the development and revival of the musical theater provided most of the work: Operetta “Egypt Bride,” and the operetta “Tmarahnp”, “Yassin, I have,” also wrote several songs, including: (Love that was - I Bahqk of Mayada Al Henawy), and “Bawadaak” rose to as defined by discovering many of the singers and the singers, especially from Arab countries.

He produced music for many films, plays and television soap operas and radio mention the film (Something of Fear / Sons of Silence / Old Time / Ah Ya Leil Ya Zaman / City Lights) and dramas (RIA and Sekina / Almedk Alley) and sitcoms (gate-Halawani).

His best work is published as recordings under the name of the singer. The singers include Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Shadia, Layla Murad, Fayza Ahmed, Warda (he was married to Warda for about a decade), Sabah (Sabah married seven times, and he was one of her husbands), and other singers.

Song “Warda” comes from the album “Le Monde Musical de Baligh Hamdi”, released probably in 70s by “La Voix du Globe”.

Artist / Baligh Hamdi (بليغ حمدي)
Track / Warda
Album / le monde musical de baligh hamdi
Label / La Voix du Globe
Format / LP, Album
Genre / Jazz

Baligh Hamdi (بليغ حمدي)
Also known as / Baligh Abdel Hamid Hamdi Morsi
Origin / Egypt
Genre / Jazz, Folk
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