Atomic Forest / Obsession ‘77

Atomic Forest were psychedelic rock band from Mumbai, India.

Formed in the early 70s, the band’s line-up included Madhukar C. Dhas - vocalist, Neel Chattodpadyaya - lead guitar, Keith Kanga - bass guitar and Valentine Lobo - drums.

They would jam and hang out at Jony Castle, a crumbling mansion in South Mumbai, where Atomic Forest’s founding member - bass player Keith Kanga lived with his grandmother. Keith Kanga lost both his parents at an early age and was brought up in a brothel by his grandmother. Their equipment - which included Marshall Amps, knock-off Rickenbackers and even a theremin - was financed by his grandmother’s illicit business. Equipment was extremely expensive to buy in the 70s, which led to Kanga becoming Atomic Forest’s main man.

The line-up changed several times and eventually the band disintegrated in the wake of substance abuse and tensions surrounding money. However, in the time that they existed, apart from recording India’s only psychedelic rock album (the other recorded Indian rock belongs more in the garage rock category), they jammed with Led Zeppelin and performed at the Snehayatra Festival ‘The Indian Woodstock’. They were regular fixtures at prominent clubs and discos such as Slip Disc, Blow Up at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Hell at Hotel Hilltop in Mumbai.

Obsession ‘77 is taken from their Obsession ‘77 album released by Music India. This record, which is considered to be the only one solitary psychedelic rock album to be produced in India at the time, became extremely valuable by the record collectors.

In 2011, Obsession ‘77 was released on Now-Again Records compilation of their tracks (including unreleased material) named Obsession.

Artist / Atomic Forest
Track / Obsession '77
Album / Obsession '77
Label / Music India
Format / LP
Released / 1981
Genre / Psychedelic Rock
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Atomic Forest
Origin / India
Genre / Psychedelic Rock
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