Assa’d Khoury / Al Ghaba

Assa’d Khoury (born 1953) is a Syrian musician. He plays an electronic organ adapted for oriental music, according to the system invented by the late Abdallah Chahin, who was the pioneer in this field, when he adapted the piano for oriental music, in addition to western music.

Assa’d Khoury was born in 1953 in Damascus. He started learning music at the age of five from his father, great musician Muhanna Al-Khouri. Assa’d studied elementary music school, solfeggio, history of music and harmony. He started playing violin at the Arabic music institute where he was studying for ten years. He founded a band in 1976 which became one of the most popular bands in Syria. He also composed the soundtracks for the series and the films.

Artist / Assa’d Khoury (أسعد خوري)
Track / Al Ghaba
Album / Electronic Touches Belly Dance
Label / Byblos
Format / LP, Album
Released / 1978
Genre / Funk, Electronic
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Assa’d Khoury (أسعد خوري)
Also known as / Asaad Khouri
Origin / Syria
Genre / Folk, Funk, Electronic
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