Anatol Chiriac / Dialogue

Anatol Chiriac is a Moldovan composer.

He was born in 1947. In 1979, he completed Stefan Neaga music college in Chişinău. In 1983 he recorded his first instrumental works LP, which has strong influence of James Last (e. g. use of panflute and others). His next LP, issued in 1984, represented songs to verses by Grigore Vieru. The song “Romantică” (Романтикэ), performed by Sofia Rotaru, quickly became a hit in the entire Soviet Union. During few years his composition “Mihaela” (Михаэла) accomplished weather forecasts in the Soviet TV news program “Vremya” (Время). Near 1985 Chiriac formed his own instrumental ensemble, recorded with it new LP and had tours to Japan and Mozambique. In 1990-1994 Chiriac was elected to the Parliament of Moldova.

Artist / Anatol Chiriac (Анатолий Кирияк)
Track / Dialogue (Диалог)
Album / Discoclub (Дискоклуб)
Label / Melodiya (Мелодия)
Format / LP, Compilation
Released / 1983
Genre / Disco
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Anatol Chiriac (Анатолий Кирияк)
Also known as / Anatoly Gerasimovich Chiriac, Анатолий Герасимович Кирияк
Origin / Moldova
Genre / Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Disco
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