Akasha / Electronic Nightmare

Akasha is a Norwegian quintet who recorded one strange and fascinating album back in 1977.

They are: Kjell Evensen – drums; Arild Andreasson – bass; Jens-Ivar Andreassen – guitar, mellotron, synths, piano and organ; Tor Johnny Hansen is credited for lyrics on one particular track; and Sverre Svendsen handles the mellotron as well as the English vocals. Akasha write dark and foreboding prog and lyrics with a strong sci-fi bent. The LP version of their album is now a collectors’ item, commanding 3-digit prices on the underground market; even the small Swedish label (APM) that issued its cd version in 1995 has now ceased to be.

The music on their self-titled album (which dons an epic 11-minute opener) is loaded with synths, mellotron and spacey effects (the mellotron features prominently throughout the album, relegating the guitars to a secondary role). Jens Andreassen exploits his synths to the fullest, wrenching out a variety of experimental analog sounds and noises (what he does with filters and oscillators is simply amazing). The only problem with the album is its poor sound - the production was rather home made, the album was actually recorded in a bomb cellar in a hotel in their home town of Finnsnes, Norway. . Except for this flaw, “Akasha” is brilliant and a true gem of underground Scandinavian prog.

Artist / Akasha
Track / Electronic Nightmare
Album / Akasha
Label / Bat Records
Format / LP, CD, Album
Released / 1977
Genre / Electronic
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Origin / Norway
Genre / Progressive Rock
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