Abdou El Omari / Rajaat Laayoun

Abdou El Omari (1945 - 2010) is Moroccan musician and composer known for merging modern musical styles with traditional Moroccan music. He played the organ and, accoding to Discogs, released one album and two singles in 1976.

Rajaat Laayoun is taken from his 7” single, released by Casablanca based label Disques Gam in 1976.

Artist / Abdou El Omari (عبده العماري)
Track / Rajaat Laayoun (رجعات لعيون)
Album / Nuits D'été Avec Abdou El Omari (ليالي الصيف مع عبده العماري)
Label / Disques Gam
Format / 7", Single
Released / 1976
Genre / Folk, Jazz, Psychedelic
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Abdou El Omari (عبده العماري)
Origin / Morocco
Genre / Folk, Jazz, Psychedelic
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