Stoplight / Simón Wilches-Castro

Simón Wilches-Castro is a Colombian animator known for creating experimental animation and political satire.

Simón was born in Popayan, studied Arts in Bogotá, Animation School in San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba and now lives in Los Angeles where he is a MFA student at John C. Hench Division of Animation at USC. Simon is co-author of the Parodiario.TV and Little Tyrant series. In 2011 he was awarded Fulbright Scholarship Mincultura for Artists.

His 2012 animation Semáforo has been selected and nominated in more than twenty international film and animation festivals. It won several awards: Grand Prize Winner Adobe Achievement Awards 2013, Best Animation Adobe Achievement Awards 2013, Melbourne International Animation Festival South American Showcase Award 2014, Honorable Mention Blackrock animation film festival 2013.

Simon painted every sequence, frame-by-frame, with Photoshop Brushes and the animation timeline. He did the final comp of sequences in after effects, did the sound design in audition and the final render in premiere. All the sequence file handling was done by Bridge.

Due to the ongoing war in the Colombian jungles, many people is forced to flee their rural territories and find refugee in capital cities. Their only mean of acquiring money is to put on shows under the city stoplights. Some dress like clowns or do acrobatics, others spit fire or juggle; and some show the only thing they have left: deformities and amputations in exchange for some sympathy and change.

This is the life of the people who live under a stoplight and the people who watch them.

Idea & Animation by: Simón Wilches-Castro, music composed by: Anna Drubich

Director / Simón Wilches-Castro
Running Time / 3 min
Released / 2012

Simón Wilches-Castro
Origin / Colombia
Links / Official Website, Blog, Twitter, Vimeo