A Tree Without Roots / Tanvir Mokammel

A Tree Without Roots (Lalsalu) is a 2001 film directed by Bengali filmmaker and an author from Bangladesh Tanvir Mokammel, based on the novel Lalsalu (1948) written by Syed Waliullah and published in 1948, perhaps the most significant novel about the rural Muslim community of East Bengal (Bangladesh).

The film received eight national awards including the best film and the best director of the year 2001. Other awards were best Story, best Script, best Cinematography, best Sound, best Actor and best Side Actress.

Besides, received Jury’s special mention in 1st International Film Festival, 2003, Dhaka and has been shown in London, Rotterdam, Montreal, Quebec, Cinenouvo (Belgium), Jeonju (South Korea), Fukuoka and Delhi International Film Festivals.

Tanvir Mokammel (born 1955) is a Bengali filmmaker and an author from Bangladesh. He studied English literature from University of Dhaka and worked as a left-wing journalist for landless peasant in rural area. As a filmmaker he has made six full-length features and fourteen documentaries and short films of which some have received national and international awards.

His feature films are “Nadir Naam Modhumati” (The River Named Modhumati), “Chitra Nodir Pare” (Quiet Flows the River Chitra), “Lalsalu” (A Tree Without Roots), “Lalon” , “Rabeya” (The Sister), and “Jibondhuli” (The Drummer). Tanvir Mokammel’s prominent documentaries are “The Garment Girls of Bangladesh”, “The Unknown Bird”, “Teardrops of Karnaphuli”, “Riders to the Sunderbans”, “A Tale of the Jamuna River”, “The Promised Land”, “Tajuddin Ahmad :An Unsung Hero”, “The Japanese Wife” and mega-documentary “1971”.His movies “Nadir Naam Modhumati” (The River Named Modhumati) and “Chitra Nodir Pare” (Quiet Flows the River Chitra) ranked second and third respectively in the list of 10 best Bangladeshi films, in the audience and critics’ polls conducted by the British Film Institute.

A prolific writer, Tanvir Mokammel has written articles on cinema and cultural issues in newspapers, poems and short stories. Tanvir Mokammel’s important books are “A Brief History of World Cinema”, “The Art of Cinema”, “Charlie Chaplin: Conquests by a Tramp”, “Syed Waliullah, Sisyphus and Quest of Tradition in Novel” (a literary criticism), “Grundtvig and Folk Education” - a book on the alternative educational ideas, and translation of Maxim Gorky’s play “The Lower Depth”.

Tanvir Mokammel is at present the director of “Bangladesh Film Institute” and “Bangladesh Film Centre”. His latest work is a fiction called “Jibondhuli”.

A Tree Without Roots (Lalsalu লাল সালু)
Director / Tanvir Mokammel
Cast / Raisul Islam Asad, Munira Yusuf Memi, Chandni, Aly Zaker, Rowshan Jamil, Amirul Haque Chowdhury
Written by / Tanvir Mokammel, Syed Waliullah
Production / Kino-Eye Films
Running Time / 109 min
Released / 2001
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Tanvir Mokammel
Origin / Bangladesh
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