A Box with Secret / Valery Ugarov

A Box with Secret (Шкатулка с секретом) is a Soviet cartoon directed by Valery Ugarov. It is a musical imagination on the theme of the fairy tale of V.Odoevsky “Small town in a snuffbox”. The film represents an original tiny rock opera.

Valeriy Ugarov (1941 – 2007) was Soviet and Russian animation director and Honored Artist of Russia.

He was born in 1941 in Moscow, USSR as Valeriy Mikhaylovich Ugarov. He finished MSHSH, Moscow Institute of Architecture and animation courses at “Soyuzmultfilm”. Ugarov is known for his work on Khalif-aist (1981), Na zadney parte (1978) and Na zadney parte (2-y vypusk) (1980). He died in 2007 in Moscow, Russia.

A Box with Secret (Шкатулка с секретом)
Director / Valery Ugarov
Written by / Evgeniy Agranovich
Production / Soyuzmultfilm
Running Time / 10 min
Released / 1976
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Valery Ugarov (Валерий Михайлович Угаров)
Aliases / Valeriy Mikhaylovich Ugarov
Origin / Russia
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